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Philosophy of Our Dental Practice:

Our dental philosophy centers on providing excellent dental care in a loving and caring environment. It is very important that we get to know our patients before any elective dental treatment is started. We need to know some things about you. Are there any medical conditions? Any anxiety situation? What have your previous dental experiences been like? Are there any current budget restraints? We want to understand what is important to you.

Before beginning dental treatment we want to explain various treatment options. There is usually more than one way to approach treatment and together we can discuss the options and select the most appropriate course of treatment for each patient. Some of the most frequently asked questions are: will it hurt? how long will the treatment take? what will it cost? what will my insurance cover? These are all good questions and we will answer them before proceeding with a treatment plan. We are partners in your care and together we can make the best choices for you.

We know that dentistry is difficult for some people. Therefore, we want to create an atmosphere which is comfortable. You can feel confident that we will make every effort to know you and treat you respectfully at all times. We will take every step possible to make your experience a pleasant one. We truly want your dental experience to be great in our office.

We are continual students and take numerous courses in order to provide our patients the best that is available. This process is truly a labor of love. Our pledge to you is to combine the latest and best dental technology in a caring attentive atmosphere.